Saturday, 9 April 2016

GDC 2016

Sanatana and myself were fortunate enough to attend the Game Developers Conference this year and give a talk called Balancing Accessibility Against Depth in 'Assault Android Cactus', discussing the way in which we built our game to have a hardcore challenge but still retain an on-ramp for newcomers.

"In the end, we found the most effective encouragement was to travel to individuals houses in person and yell at them until they started achieving higher ranks."

Fortunately this year the GDC organisers have made all of the Indie Summit talks available for anyone to view online, which means you can watch our talk here! It's developer orientated, but if that's your jam or you just really love game systems, be sure to check it out!

While we were in San Francisco, I sat down for one of my more candid interviews with Brendan Sinclair, who's write-up recently went online at called Life as an indie: Obscurity, triage, and trust issues. I discuss motivations for going indie in the first place, what development has been like and a little bit of what the future holds.

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  1. Hello, you made fantastic game. Nice twinstic shooter. I heave only one point to maide. Tutorial missing one part "invisibility frame", make beam cuting level in half at end of tutorial so you are splat from rest of group force player to use weapon switch to go back to androids by passing lazzer beam using "invisibility frame", lack of this knowledge make me stuck on 2nd boss phase 3. Btw you heave me money thanx to moonglade and one ShautCraft turnament andf his sell of it to TB, Heave a grate Day

    From Poland width love Totem