Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's time to take on the world!

We've just released our first update on Steam, if you're in the Early Access, chances are your Steam client is downloading it already. Isn't technology creepy?

But more importantly, Assault Android Cactus has leaderboards! Every time you finish a stage it'll show you where you place, and you can also browse the leaderboards from the main menu. Functionality is still a little rough, so feel free to join the discussion!

still has that new leaderboard smell

There's a bunch of other minor improvements, particularly to the second boss battle against Hydroponics Controller Vespula, so if you've already bought the game, head on over and see how you go!

resolved bug #228 : Vespula occasionally kills player in real life
Also a reminder that you can pre-order Cactus through the Humble Store, which comes with a Steam Key (apologies to anyone who had to wait while we got that set up, it should be all good to go now!)

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  1. Great job so far and congratulations on getting green lit. Its not easy I wish the best of luck to you and respect the risk you all took.

    Side not this is far more addictive than i expected.